For over 150 years, Haag-Streit has been a leading provider of medical equipment for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians. Their experience institutes a solid groundwork for the development, design, and production of unparalleled medical instruments and equipment. When they became a client our team quickly set to work to improve the look and function of their site. This Haag-Streit Case Study explains what we did redesign their website and greatly improve the leads.

Haag-Streit before
Haag-Streit before
Haag-Streit after
Haag-Streit before


Haag-Streit USA had a legacy website developed by an ad agency. The look was artistic, but the site was not functional at generating leads. The company knew it needed to add Internet Marketing to compete against Japanese and now Chinese competitors offering lower prices.


Started with modest Pay-per-Click advertising to test the viability of Internet Marketing. After early success, the site was moved from the incumbent ad agency to an Internet Marketing specialist with the long term goal of changing the business model to drive leads from the website into their existing dealer network.


Redesigned the home page to make a dramatically different “business-like” look. Navigation was simplified and product pages were made into hard hitting sales pages with great copy and excellent calls to action. An ongoing improvement program is totally revising the look of the site for consistency and integrating the objectives into the growth plans.


Online lead generation went from essentially zero to a significant factor in their business growth. Phone calls from the site, initially thought to be low, have been proven with tracking to be in the hundreds per month. Internet Marketing has become an important part of their growth strategy and is changing the way the company does business.


WSI and their staff and network of people has been instrumental in improving our overall website appearance, functionality and user friendliness. It has also proven to increase the amount of traffic and lead generation through opt in functions to gather customer information and communication to our customers. It has become a portal of info as well for our customers.

Overall Hube and WSI have been an asset to our team with great input to continue to make our communications with our customers even better.

Irwin Kronenberg
Vice President Sales and Marketing

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