PPC Case Study: MPF Products Inc.

Highly Technical Manufacturer Takes Product Catalog Online for Record Setting Sales

MPF is a leader in designing and manufacturing ceramic-to-metal hermetic electrical feedthroughs, optical viewports and related components. Their products make it to space, end up in missiles, help make nuclear power, and in general are VERY highly specialized.

They have a unique advantage in the market: in addition to their 1300+ stock parts, they can custom engineer, manufacture and develop any other ceramic-to-metal assemblies a client may require. This MPF Products Inc. case study shows how we re-launched the site and dramatically improved leads.


Although excellent at manufacturing; lead generation and new business development was driven through existing relationships and outbound efforts of their sales and reps.  Their website wasn’t easily found, was difficult to navigate, and not generating leads.


Working with MPF, we identified the need for their clients to have access to core technical documents for each of the products. The site also needed a fresh, modern, clear, and concise design.


We developed a PPC campaign around the catalog and their custom abilities. Targetted keywords, a great landing page, we were able to immediately begin generating leads and sales activity. As an added bonus, we gained insights on keyword traffic and convertibility (which keywords are generating more leads) which we could then apply to the organic SEO strategies. We also incorporated a 900+ searchable database, improved navigation, and advanced tracking of leads.


Almost immediately after the re-launch we delivered over 200 new leads. The custom quote request leads were extremely well qualified. We then went on to focus on conversions, expanding the products and information, and begin increasing traffic and rankings.

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