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Synoptix is a leading innovator of business intelligence & financial reporting software designed to make your complex reporting needs easy. Fully featured without needing to rely on IT, you get access to your real-time data when you need it, with complete drill-down functionality. And no matter the source – whether it be from multiple ERPs, spreadsheets, or other data points, Synoptix is the most powerful reporting solution used by managers responsible for financial results.

Over 500 raw leads generated over 2 years

92% increase in traffic

Trusted partner & advisor to executive leadership


Synoptix knew that the internet was not supporting and growing their business as it should be, even in a competitive market with large key players.

They had a newly redesigned website which looked good, but lacked conversion tools and was not attracting the right audience.

A great sales team was in place, but was utilizing multiple single function tools with no coordinated reporting or end-to-end tracking.


In-depth research starts all of our projects and this was no different. After identifying and profiling the competitive landscape, and doing extensive keyword research, we identified the correct sets of keywords that would be both profitable for them and obtainable to rank.

Synoptix worked with us to develop highly targeted content to be used as conversion tools on the site and to help support sales.

Lastly, we reviewed their internal tools and systems in addition to the current sales process in an effort to streamline, gain higher insights and deliver some level of end-to-end campaign performance.


A modest site redesign focusing on conversion & messaging was the first order of business along with multiple whitepapers, guides and downloads to offer on the site and throughout the sales process.

A small Google Ads and a highly targeted LinkedIn campaign, along with a robust search engine optimization program were the key steps in getting in front of the right potential buyers.

In Phase II, we implemented a Sharpspring marketing automation platform to collect, score, nurture and track leads and sales opportunities. This single platform replaced 4 other tools they were utilizing.


Increasing online lead generation and implementing a trackable, end-to-end sales process put Synoptix ahead of the competition.

The website is now an integral part of their sales process and actually supports the sales team and sales efforts.

Weekly meetings and a strong ongoing relationship deliver nimble, effective marketing for the entire Synoptix team.

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