• Launching a new site?
  • Re-launching an existing website?
  • Working to boost sales and visibility?
Avalanche offers a full-service Internet Marketing Campaign which provides your organization with maximum opportunities for sales and dramatically improved return on investment.

Step 1) Initial Consultation

Avalanche listens as we clarify your business objectives together. We wish to become more knowledgeable about your customers, and products/offerings. You will also be appraised of the current situations within your market niche and of potential challenges that may be faced.

Step 2) Keyword Research

We find anywhere from 200 to 500+ keyword phrases that potential B2B customers currently use to find similar products and services. We evaluate potential for each phrase and develop strategies that utilize these phrases to draw traffic from search engines that converts into sales.

Step 3) Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimization of Page Copy – We optimize your content to take maximum advantage of Search Engine algorithms and Usability conventions. We also adjust keyword usage within the copy to maximize traffic through search engines.
  • Optimization of Code Avalanche focuses on Titles, Tags, and dozens of other aspects of your code to maximize the relevance of your page to both potential customers and the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.
  • Server and Site Structure Analysis – We optimize page URLs and directories and get them submitted to major search engines, and ensure there are no hardware or software issues that may limit your success.
  • Analysis for Revenue Maximization – Some sites sell ideas, not products. They still have bills to pay and competition to squash. We are experts in monetizing your site without damaging the user experience.

Step 4) Website Usability Review

How are your conversion rates? We help streamline the sales process, identifying “leaks” where potential customers are lost along the way. We analyze areas such as the homepage, navigation, shopping cart, and much more.

Step 5) Linking Campaign

What if Google went out of business – would you too? We find you traffic outside of the search engines and connect you to your customers. Extensive relevant linking is the mark of a successful website.
  • Current linking structure – What is your site currently doing well, and what may be improved upon. We use a holistic approach to find previously unused content to develop links throughout the site.
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Link building Services – We develop permanent, one-way links from topical authority sites. We aim for quality sites that drive real paying customers to your site that are “pre-qualified” to be interested in your offerings.

Step 6) Feedback and Adjustments

All B2B Internet marketing campaigns are completely unique in their results, so we monitor content to make sure changes are recognized, and adjust direction of efforts to match the dynamic market. Keep in mind that search engines sometimes will not add pages for periods of time. They also do not adjust rankings on a daily basis. For reasons such as these we require a 12-month commitment to ensure your organization reaps the full benefit from your investment.

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