Improving the conversion from visitors to sales is the most dramatic method by which we can boost return on investment. Picture a bucket… Now picture a leaky bucket – that’s each of our websites. Don’t worry, every website has “leaks” – nobody converts 100% of their clients. However, we can get closer than where we are, though sales process optimization.

Sales Process Optimization Saves Us the “Dirty Work”

Getting traffic to our website is the most difficult part of Internet Marketing. If our website is not converting a good percentage of the overall visitors into sales, then we are forcing ourselves into the difficult position of pouring more resources into the bucket to send a fresh batch of potential customers into the sales funnel. Websites that do this tend to either live and die on sources of free traffic, such as search engines, or they simply achieve a lower ROI.

Sales Process Optimization Provides Dramatic Results

Let’s say I am converting 2% of our visitors into sales. After analyzing the usability, the conversion rate is increased 1%. That doesn’t sound like much at first, but that would be a 50% increase in sales! The best part is, that we didn’t have to spend any more resources to do it. The traffic was ours already! Avalanche Internet Marketing provides expert services for plugging those holes in the bucket. We perform the following and back our research by data to give you a sure footing for the future.
  • Sales funnel review – We perform a thorough analysis of your website and shopping cart to determine why customers may not be entering the sales funnel, where they are leaving the sales funnel once in, and why they may be leaving
  • Usability Review – How easy is it for users to find the information they came for? We analyze dozens of aspects of a site to maximize usability for the customers and either turn results over to your team, or we can have a trusted designer take care of the alterations.
  • Web Copy and Content Analysis – The Internet is a unique animal in that its most successful content and copy resembles direct mail campaigns, but with an interactive twist. We are experts at writing on the web and may have subtle suggestions which will improve the customer response while retaining the intent and feel of the original writing.
  • Website Stickiness Review – Why are people visiting the site? Do they eagerly return? What kind of customer lists are you building? We analyze all these areas and provide solid advice to improve the traction of your website in climbing to the top of your market.
Sales Process Optimization is included in our Full-service Internet Marketing management package. It is also available as a standalone consultation or service. Contact Avalanche Internet Marketing today to speak with Matt Larson about how Sales Process Optimization may specifically benefit your organization. {mailform}

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