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The 4 Best Industrial Marketing Tactics

May 28, 2021

These days, with so much more business being done online, you might be wondering how your business can take advantage of every tool available to you. There are a number of industrial marketing tactics out there that will generate results. Here, the experts from WSI B2B Marketing have collected some of the leading opportunities!

1. Building Your Firm into a Thought Leader

These days, your reputation online can truly provide some advantages, especially if you’re less concerned with lead generation and more focused on long-term growth and stability. One of the ways you can ensure this happens is by focusing on thought-leadership marketing. This means working heavily with executives and industry influencers to generate a solid readership and following online.

2. Boosting Organic Traffic Through Blogging

Blogging and offering unique content online is one of the best ways to generate organic growth. This type of growth brings customers to you without the need to pay for advertising and it has everything to do with offering audience members something they can’t get anywhere else. Unique blog content can help you rise organically in search engine results. Just be sure your blogs try to address pain points in the industry or fill a niche you’ve noticed for the best results.

3. Public Relations & Trade Media Content

Another way to build trust behind your brand is to take a public relations approach and get your name mentioned in major trade publications. This is often a key component of successful industrial marketing plans because articles and content that mentions your brand will improve your company’s visibility and help you rise in the rankings, in addition to solidifying your place as a leader in your chosen sector.

4. Highlighting Your Work

Sometimes, it’s okay to brag a bit, especially when it comes to your brand. Did you recently implement a new technology that makes your products and services more efficient? Tell people about it! Highlighting your successes can get people interested in your brand. Additionally, you can create more personalized content that helps customers put a face to your brand, whether it be an executive meet-and-greet or a behind-the-scenes look at how your company operates on a daily basis.

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