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5 Hot New Ways to Generate B2B Business Leads

May 12, 2014

With all the changes in technology, everyone connected in the mobile space from any location, and the death of old ways of getting information, businesses have to embrace new ways to generate business-to-business leads. Let’s take a quick look at what’s dying and what’s coming on strong:

Dying lead generation techniques:

Strong New Ways to Generate B2B Business Leads:

  1. Peer-to-peer reviews from Social Media

Social media has been a tough area for many smaller and mid-sized B2B companies because of the extreme difficulty visualizing the ROI received from the investment. Any company today needs a strong mix of some parts of social media. The area that offers the best payoff for most B2B companies include:

  1. Referrals and Messaging from Social Media Participation
  1. Marketing Automation to Leverage Your Online Marketing Investment

    The now mature online lead generation for B2B companies is still as hot as ever, it just takes more targeting and professionalism than it did 5 years ago. The front end lead generation techniques are still the same, SEO and SEM to catch people while they are searching or browsing websites and have them click on your page listing or ad. Here are the key things that are changing:

Marketing Automation processes insert a new step between lead generation and your sales team. Leads are nurtured with automatic messaging based on what THEY were looking at on your website. When they come back, that messaging is updated. Their activity is “scored” so when they are “ready-to-buy” the sales team is alerted to get on the sale. The increase in sales has proven to be several hundred percent over companies who don’t nurture their leads with some form of automation.

  1. MOBILE for B2B is critical to being ready when a potential customer needs you

For B2B, this is the simplest thing, but is constantly ignored. Your website has to be 100% mobile friendly. The key issue is that when a potential customer looks for you on a mobile device, you must present a sharp mobile-friendly presentation. This cannot be just pinching down the full screen of your “regular” website. That’s not going to work today. There are many ways to accomplish this and it is not an expensive investment. It’s MANDATORY in today’s mobile world.


  1. Be a RESOURCE

Companies in the old traditional marketing environment were a great resource. Their sales teams had the access to product information, spent time with customers, educated them, and nurtured relationships for years as customers’ needs changed and new products were introduced. Just as in the Marketing Automation discussion above, this is not how it works today. If a company is going to be a resource, it has to move that library of information online and give much of it away freely. Not an easy thing for most B2B companies to grasp.

If you are struggling with this, start with these 5 basic tools and grow it as you get feedback and generate more and more B2B leads.



In Summary, there are many NEW ways to generate B2B leads for businesses. Successful businesses will seize the opportunity from Social Media, Video, Mobile, and all the new technologies. They will use these new tools to do the same things we have always done to generate leads: Reach potential customers, give them a targeted message, engage them and find out what they need, and then sell it to them.

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