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Changes Brands Can Expect to See Due to Social Media

Back a few hundred years ago, before television, indoor plumbing, or even light bulbs, one might suspect that time crept by slowly in all aspects. From your day-to-day activities to waiting for the next big “technological” advancement, the human race, while always ingenious, really made no great strides in technology for thousands upon thousands of […]

Original composition vs. buying the license to a song for your corporate video

How important is the decision to use an original composition vs. buying the license to a song? When a potential client gives me a call and we discuss what type of video would be best for their company, what music to use is not typically at the top of their list. There are several components […]

The Experience Effect

<p>In “The Experience Effect”, author Jim Joseph talk about how to engage your audience with a consistent and memorable brand experience. While reading the book, I have really become aware of what brands I am loyal to and which brands I seem to resist, whether consciously or not. Joseph emphasizes because marketing is a spectator […]

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