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Checklist for Building a Great Facebook Page for Your Small Business

A Business Facebook Page is a Necessity With Social Media becoming so important as a marketing tool for many types of small businesses, we want to offer some benchmark sites and a short checklist for making your Facebook page really work for you. Checklist for an Engaging and Productive Small Business Facebook Page: Great pictures […]

Changes Brands Can Expect to See Due to Social Media

Back a few hundred years ago, before television, indoor plumbing, or even light bulbs, one might suspect that time crept by slowly in all aspects. From your day-to-day activities to waiting for the next big “technological” advancement, the human race, while always ingenious, really made no great strides in technology for thousands upon thousands of […]

How LinkedIn is Actually Going to Benefit Your B2B Company. (Hint: Connections are only a Small Part)

Two nights ago I attended a social media panel/networking event, which ended up being rather enjoyable and not just because of the free food and drink. The topic of the night was Pinterest and Facebook, and how to use them for your business. Once the panel opened up to the floor for questions I noticed […]

Video Insights

Web Video for B2B business is becoming more prominent than ever. More video is being watched on a daily basis and it isn’t just comedy based videos or people falling down. In October 2010, a majority of business people who were surveyed by Forbes said they watched more online video than a year earlier. Nearly […]

Predictions for Social Media in 2011

Tim Ferris, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, took a stab at his predictions for social media marketing in 2011 on Social media marketing is still a new and poorly measured marketing tactic that has the vast majority of marketers constantly chatting on how to make it work for them. Here are four predictions from […]

Execution over Creativity

Execution Wins Out over Creative Messaging There were days, not so long ago, when the cutest, most creative mass advertising campaign won the day. Those branding messages like the Marlboro Man, Cap’n Crunch, or the Beetle (the original) worked great in the TV-Industrial age. There is no way that approach will work today. If you […]

The Hyper-Social Shift – Making Money on it

I’m going to focus this discussion on the “making money” impacts for medium sized businesses, the ideal client for our consulting practice and where I have the most insight.  Small business will see much of the same and will benefit if they adopt some of the same ideas. In most smaller companies, you may not […]

Social Media “Changes to the Trends”

The trend has been toward more open communications for years. The Internet, websites, and email have been around for years and slowly connecting people around the world.  The trends are always easy to see, they are talked about in the newspaper and in all the popular magazines. It’s cocktail party chatter and the talk at […]

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