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A Revolutionary Product Introduction Using Video and an Online Knowledge Base

Using Video and an Online Knowledge Base to Accelerate New Product Introduction When Haag Streit introduced the LENSTAR LS900® – the first optical biometer of the entire eye – they needed an innovative way to train their sales partner, Alcon on this high tech product. WSI B2B Marketing spearheaded a comprehensive video training system and […]

Customer Service IS the New Marketing

Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of London’s Selfridges store, coined the phrase “The Customer is Always Right”.  Selfridge wanted to make the customer feel special and give quality customer service. Over the last one hundred years, this theory in customer service seems to have fallen by the wayside. One quick search of this phrase on Google […]

How and Why You Should Tag Your Tweets

How and  Why You Should Tag Your Tweets What is a # Tag (Hash Tag)? A # Tag is just a way to group together related tweets. By using a # Tag, you and your followers can easily see everything that has been said about an event or subject.  A # Tag is made up […]

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