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Models of the new paradigm

The old 4 Ps of marketing In the era of mass marketing, the 4Ps were the holy grail of marketing for companies. Product Price Place Promotion These were the original four variables that marketing teams had to control to create customers and grow their businesses. It all revolves around getting people to buy what your […]

Announcing Launch of

We are proud to be partnering with Sea and Shell of Charleston, SC to announce the relaunch of their website. Marilyn Reeves of Sea and Shell is an ongoing exploration of the products that come from the ocean, including magnificent collector shells, craft shells, and several items derived from the oceanic bounty. The store has […]

Publicize Your Website with Co-Branding on Physical Products

This quick action list for co-branding your website with other companies’ physical products comes to you, thanks to my new baby girl. I cleaned out the diaper genie for the first time this morning and noticed underneath the bag, in the bottom of the pail was an ad for a company that reviews developmental toys. […]

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