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Pay-per-Click Ambulance Chasing via Google Adwords

One of the real advantages of Pay-per-Click advertising is the real-time instant advertising that can be done when an opportunity presents itself. In this brief case study, we are showing a dramatic example of a Maritime Injury Law Firm using Google Adwords to do some pay-per-click ambulance chasing to generate business from the Concordia Cruise […]

Managing PPC Just Got Up to 90% Easier – Yahoo and MSN Partnership and What It Means for Your Business

Yahoo and MSN recently announced a partnership where Yahoo will start displaying MSN pay per click ads across their search engine, search partners, and network of display ads. This yields great opportunities with all advertisers using pay-per-click marketing for their online lead or sales generation, by making campaign management up to 90% easier. Why Google […]

Lower Your Pay-Per-Click Costs with Customized Domain Names

Edit: Google put the squash on this one, as of April 2008, your display URL must match your destination URL. Of course, you could get around this by using domain pointers, so long as these other URLs don’t get indexed (duplicate content issues). In other words, if you want to try this, be sure you […]

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