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How to Increase Profits for a Local Businesses With Foursquare

Companies or professionals which operate in the social media marketing understand one of several challenges is staying in touch with all the latest methods and internet sites to decide if it is truly worth making an investment towards making use of them. We’re here to help you out today by examining Foursquare and it’s tools […]

How to Get More Revenue from Your Local Sales Network

Many of the B2B companies we work with use more traditional sales distribution channels. A local or regionally-based dealer network closes the final sale and provides support. Even with the advent of the Internet as a means to make information more readily-available, many B2B products are distinctly more complex, require local support and maintenance, and […]

Managing PPC Just Got Up to 90% Easier – Yahoo and MSN Partnership and What It Means for Your Business

Yahoo and MSN recently announced a partnership where Yahoo will start displaying MSN pay per click ads across their search engine, search partners, and network of display ads. This yields great opportunities with all advertisers using pay-per-click marketing for their online lead or sales generation, by making campaign management up to 90% easier. Why Google […]

Does Your Company’s Internet Marketing Strategy Rule the Roost? Check the Chicken Chart.

<img class=”alignright” border=”1″ id=”image225″ src=”” alt=”eggsh7.jpg” />I was shooting the breeze with a burgeoning SEO consultant who we’ll call “Andre,” when he shared the following:<!–mep-nl–><blockquote>I find the biggest challenge for me is trying to get the message across of how beneficial SEO can be. I live in a suburb and I think businesses around here […]

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