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WSI B2B Marketing Achieves Platinum Partner Certification with Constant Contact

We are thrilled to announce that WSIB2B Marketing has reached the esteemed status of Platinum Partner through our partnership with Constant Contact Lead Gen+CRM. This accomplishment highlights our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional marketing automation solutions and solidifies our position as a leading provider of comprehensive B2B marketing services. Additionally, we are excited to share […]

Download the free RAMP Lead Generation Toolkit

Download the free RAMP Lead Generation toolkit to discover… Wish there was a way to guarantee that your sales process would turn produce qualified, sales ready leads? Do your marketing campaigns seem to be inconsistent depending on the focus of your sales team? Now, there is a way for marketing to work together with automation […]

Tracking on a Keyword Level for B2B Performance-Based Marketing

With the advent of keyword tracking tools from Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN Adcenter, and even, b2b marketers are now able to track conversions not just back to ad sources, but to the very keyword.<!–mep-nl–><!–mep-nl–>Why is this so important? The keyword represents much more than many b2b marketers realize – it is the […]

Does Your Company’s Internet Marketing Strategy Rule the Roost? Check the Chicken Chart.

<img class=”alignright” border=”1″ id=”image225″ src=”” alt=”eggsh7.jpg” />I was shooting the breeze with a burgeoning SEO consultant who we’ll call “Andre,” when he shared the following:<!–mep-nl–><blockquote>I find the biggest challenge for me is trying to get the message across of how beneficial SEO can be. I live in a suburb and I think businesses around here […]

Monetizing Your Website Via Adsense – Experiencing a Dip in Revenue?

<p><img class=”alignright” border=”1″ src=”” alt=”Google Adsense Smart Pricing” />Does the business/publishing model of your website rely on Google Adsense for monetization? Have you noticed substantial dips in revenue lately? There are a couple causes for these recent decreases in Adsense publisher earnings and actionable steps you may take to reverse this.<!–mep-nl–><code style=’display: none;’><!–more–></p><p> <h3>Google Adwords […]

Google AdWords Update – Quality Scores – Click Prices

I was particularly troubled in mid July to see Google Adwords keywords being inactivated within my various ad campaigns. Google alerted me within the control panel that new bid prices were required to re-activate these keywords. The new bid prices were anywhere from 100-1000% higher than previous bids.

Increasing Blog Pageviews

Pageviews per visitor are an extremely helpful metric to show the usefulness of our information to the market. The longer we keep a visitor at our website reading pages provides several benefits:

The Easiest way to Keep a Customer

When we get our feet wet in the Internet Marketing process, we typically seek out traffic to our site. After some time we realize that traffic that does not convert is worse than no traffic at all, because we know that we missed opportunities to make sales. After we realize how difficult and time-consuming it […]

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