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How much should a B2B Website Cost for Your Business

Whether you are a self-employed one man show, or an international, publicly traded company, understanding B2B website cost can be a challenge. You need a site that supports your business, brand, and acts as the catalyst to growing your business.From large, 1000+ page sites, to 5 page overviews or mini-sites, they all act as your […]

Avalanche’s Top 25 SEO / SEM Blogs – Week 1

Looking to Keep up with the ever-changing world of Search Engine Marketing and Optimization? Each week we will post the “Top 25” SEO/SEM blogs, giving a nod to Viral Garden’s ever-changing rankings of the top 25 Marketing blogs for the idea. Inclusion – somewhat subjective, since some blogs cover a variety of subject matter. Basically, […]

Keyword Arbitrage

Keyword Arbitrage – A marketing technique where the advertiser purchases keywords in a pay-per-click at a low cost. The traffic is then refocused towards pay-per-click ads on their site which bring in more revenue than it cost to bring the traffic. This method of marketing is extremely difficult to do, and is only worthwhile on […]

Apache Web Server

Apache Web Server – An open-source (free) HTTP web server for UNIX systems, Linux, BSD, Microsoft Windows, and other platforms. It is often used because of its strong security features and excellent performance.

Authority Site

Authority Site: Search engines measure a website’s importance to determine the weight placed on backlinks coming from that site. This measure is based on relevance to particular keyword phrases / themes, importance, and size. Links from authority sites help rankings more than from sites that are not deemed to be an authority in a field […]

10 Ingredients for Internet Marketing Success

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