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Bulk Submission Services

Bulk Submission Services: Software that submits a website’s URL to many search engines or directories automatically. These services are often poorly updated, and have spotty success rates due to updating from search engines and directories that confuses automatic scripts.


Cloaking – The deceptive practice of serving one webpage to a search engine for indexing, and then serving a different page to the visitor. Unapproved cloaking (see trusted feeds) violate the terms of service of most major search engines and may result in removal of a website from their search results.


Clustering – Limiting a website to only appear once or twice in a SERP for a particular search term. This keeps one or two sites from dominating the top results, and discourages SEO-savvy webmasters from spamming search engines.


Code: The programming and markup languages that create the websites and content that we see. Internet Marketing professionals should at least learn the basics of HTML (or XHTML), CSS, and Javascript. After that, more advanced languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, and others may add flexibility and functionality.

Comment tags

Comment tags: Used by programmers to insert descriptive information into their code that will not be parsed by the compiler or browser. Inserting keywords in them has no SEO value for the major search engines, as they ignore information contained within them. Removing comment tags as one publishes web pages to the server reduces load […]

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