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Florida Update

Florida Update: Significant change of the Google algorithm in November, 2003 that affected many sites for selected search phrases who over-optimized their pages. Authority sites, and pages for less-competitive keywords were not effected.


Frames: Using frames is a technique in which multiple HTML web pages are displayed to appear as being part of the same page. Most major search engines do index frames sites, but the process is not consistent. Most SEOs discourage the use of Frames because of this, and other usability concerns. The webpage consisting of […]

Google bombing

Google bombing: The action of many sites joining to link to a page using unflattering anchor text. The goal is so that when the text included in the anchor is used in a search query, the web page that is the object of the “Google bomb” appears. Created in 2001 by Adam Mathes who linked […]

Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar: A downloadable toolbar for both Internet Explorer and Firefox that adds functions to the user’s Internet browser. For SEO purposes, the Pagerank of a site is displayed. It also contains a permanent Google search bar, popup blocker, and various other features. The Google Toolbar now features integrated bookmarks that can be used from […]

Heading Tags

Heading Tags: An HTML tag that provides formatting that separates the content from the standard paragraph formatting. They should be used to provide summaries of the content following them. Keyword phrases should be inserted as well for maximum SEO value.

Hidden Text / Hidden Links

Hidden Text (and Links): A deceptive technique to influence the search engines by hiding content from the user while displaying it to the crawler. There are various techniques, the most common being to set the color of the text and links the same, or similar to the background. Search engines are now trained to identify […]

Hilltop Algorithm

Hilltop Algorithm: Believed to form a significant part of Google’s Florida algorithm changes, which determines the quality of the source of inbound links. Sites obtain higher rankings if their links come from authority, or non-affiliated sites. This algorithm provided greater ease of ranking for highly competitive and optimized keyword phrases.

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