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Domain (aka domain name) A user-friendly identifier that locates a particular website on the Internet. Your domain name server translates the request from the visitor into an IP address which is used to retrieve the requested page. Example of domain: www tells you that the page is located on the world wide web. Niceguyseo […]

Doorway page

Doorway page: A webpage that is specifically designed to appear highly in SERPs for a particular term. The page is then a doorway by which the visitor is directed to the rest of the site’s content. Doorway pages may be categorized as a spamming technique by all major search engines if the doorway page does […]

Duplicate content

Duplicate content – Two or more web pages that have the same content. Some believe penalties are suspected to be applied for websites that contain duplicate content within its pages (from search engines like Google), but leniency is given to allow for syndication of articles across different websites / IP ranges. Another explanation is that […]

Dynamic Content

Dynamic Content: Web pages that are created at the instant they are requested from a server. The results may be based on user interaction, and usually pull information from databases stored on the server. Most search engines can read dynamic content, but extra care must be taken to ensure all pages of the website are […]


Filter: Code that is art of the crawler or spider’s process of indexing pages that specifically looks for violations of a search engine’s terms of use. This code then filters out violators by assessing penalties, or by removing the site altogether.

Flash Graphics

Flash: Software developed by Macromedia that inserts interactive multimedia into a webpage. Flash requires a browser plugin to be installed, but most Internet users do have the plugin installed. The text and links within this vector-based animation is indexed by some search engines like Google, but others require the use of supplemental links and content, […]

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