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Counter – A script that collects information about the visitors to a web page. This may include hits, page views, unique visitors, unique IPs, etc. Many web hosts integrate advanced statistics packages into their products that we may use to collect information from visitors to our site.

Crawler (aka Robot or Spider)

Crawler (aka Robot or Spider) A script running for a search engine that travels the web, through hyperlinks, storing URLs and indexing content of pages it encounters. These results are then ranked and appear in Search engine result pages (SERPs)


Cross-linking: The interlinking of several websites owned by one party in order to artificially boost their search engine rankings. Major search engines deprecate the value of links from the same IP or IP range. Therefore it is only valuable if the sites have relevant content (Do it for the user, and not for Google).


Deepcrawled: Referred to when a search engine spider indexes web pages that lie several layers deep within the structure of a website. Some websites have difficulty getting search engines to crawl deeply into a site. Using sitemaps, deep backlinks, having a good internal linking structure, and regular updates improve chances of deepcrawling by major search […]

Deep Linking

Deep Linking- Linking to a page of content within a website that bypasses the home page, or the submitting of specific URLs to search engines that lie several layers within the site infrastructure. This improves visibility of pages to search engines that may otherwise require several clicks to reach from the home page.


De-listing – Removal of a link for violation of rules, inaction, or poor performance. Search engines de-list websites that violate their terms. Ad servers like Google Adwords de-list advertisements which do not achieve set clickthrough rates.

Description Meta Tag

Description Meta Tag: A short paragraph that describes the content of a web page. Search engines may use this within their search result pages (SERPs), or may create their own by pulling content. Contents of this tag do not affect your search rankings (except for a small weight given on Yahoo), so use important keyword […]

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