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New Look, Improved Conversion, and Lead Followup – Asher Strategies Redesign

Earlier this week we launched the redesigned Here are some of the highlights: New Design – Cleaner, modern, faster   Updated the look while staying within their existing brand, and adding a cleaner more modern flair to the design: Removed the navigational flash and homepage flash for improved SEO, and cross device compatibility Removed […]

Play to your Customer’s Process – 1 Hour Website Redesign

The second installment of the 1 hour redesign series. If you’d like your website evaluated with a complete sample design, please let us know. I encountered this week’s redesign while trying to pay for my education. Recently, my loans were transferred back to MOHELA (who originally owned them), and I was faced with registering on […]

How to Research Enterprise Level Web Content Management Systems

Our clients are typically mid-level B2B firms with aggressive growth strategies, but we come across very large client needs now and then which are honestly, out of our scope. I’m talking about multi-language translation issues for companies operating in a multitude of languages. Keeping content relevant to all the cultures, while keeping it fresh can […]

Lessons in Flexibility for Time-Pressed Future Stars of E-Commerce

Decided we would hold off on the Adsense articles for a bit. Most of the readers of our blog are companies marketing products, rather than informational sites trying to get into the black. Keep sending me your emails if you wish for me to continue and I’ll gauge interest. I had a breakthrough today that […]

Breadcrumb Navigation

Q) What is Breadcrumb Navigation, and why should I use it in my web site? A) Breadcrumb Navigation improves the customer’s ability to find your products/offerings. It is like the “You are Here” circle on the Mall map. I am not a big fan of mall shopping, so I head straight for the map to […]

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