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Demand Accountability from Your "Brand" Advertising

A famous quote from John Wannamaker, a 19th century pioneer in advertising is: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” A year or so ago I’m sitting in on a client meeting where a large business is doing their new year’s strategy session. Also in […]

New Look, Improved Conversion, and Lead Followup – Asher Strategies Redesign

Earlier this week we launched the redesigned Here are some of the highlights: New Design – Cleaner, modern, faster   Updated the look while staying within their existing brand, and adding a cleaner more modern flair to the design: Removed the navigational flash and homepage flash for improved SEO, and cross device compatibility Removed […]

The writing of Michael Chabon

I just finished reading “The Mysteries of Pittsburgh” written by Michael Chabon. I started reading it on the flight back from my honeymoon and have been hooked ever since. Now I must admit that I am not (unfortunately) one of those avid readers of novels that get hooked easily. But only this book and one […]

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Web Analytics Shine In the Boardroom

Usually, the bigger the business, the greater the means and desire to collect analytics. Color and perhaps even 3d reports and graphs fly off the printers and stuff our email inboxes all month – churning out data on the month’s activities. Then, the moment of truth, the managerial meeting in the boardroom. The CEO looks […]

Email Automation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to stay in touch with customers or potential customers on a regular basis?  What would make this even better is if it all happened automatically.  This is much easier to achieve than you might imagine.  With a robust but flexible email marketing system you can set up simple […]

Play to your Customer’s Process – 1 Hour Website Redesign

The second installment of the 1 hour redesign series. If you’d like your website evaluated with a complete sample design, please let us know. I encountered this week’s redesign while trying to pay for my education. Recently, my loans were transferred back to MOHELA (who originally owned them), and I was faced with registering on […]

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